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Health and Safety

As an employer, it is imperative to ensure that all Health and Safety guidelines are adhered to and relevant risk assessments are completed. The Facilities Consultant will support and advise the Client’s management team paying particular attention to Health and Safety legislation, and prioritising the categories to develop into the Premises Plan for the future.

Premises Plan

Maxwell FM will take all the financial documentation that is available and place this into a meaningful Premises Plan for a 5 year plan. This will include Health and Safety aspects, Wish Lists, Condition Survey findings and any other considerations at your site

Health and Safety Inspection

Maxwell FM realises that in this dynamic world, things change very quickly and so the Facilities Consultant will conduct an annual general premises inspection with checklist to ensure all necessary Health and Safety and Premises issues are compliant.

A report will be issued on an annual basis to enable the Client to address any relevant issues and put together a working plan for future and strategic planning.